Cases Handled


Ayurveda is a vast science. For some, understanding it and trusting it may happen only after experiencing miraculous recoveries. In our clinical practice we have come across many such recoveries.

Case One
Liver cirrhosis was detected in a young 20-year-old lady and a local doctor referred her to our clinic. She was suffering from distension of the abdomen due to the presence of ascitic fluid in her peritoneal cavity.

After examining her we advised her a diet of chapatis, moong dal and milk along with ayurvedic medicines. After continuous treatment for about eighteen to twenty months, she was cured of her liver cirrhosis. This was confirmed by ultrasonography.

Case Two
A middle-aged lady having pain in the hypochondriac region was diagnosed as suffering from cholecystitis with multiple gallstones. She was advised to go in for a cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder with gall stones).

We treated her with ayurvedic medicines, which dissolved her gallstones completely. Ultrasonography confirmed the cure.

Case Three
A girl of 17 years of age was suffering from fever. It was initially treated with general allopathic medicines. Ordinary medicines didn't help and the fever increased further, ranging from 100 degrees F to 102 degrees F. She was admitted to a well-known hospital in the city.

She was first diagnosed clinically as having an enteric fever and was treated with an antibiotic.It didn't work. Then the fever was successively diagnosed as malaria, pneumonia and tuberculosis and was treated accordingly.

All these diagnoses were proved to be wrong because the temperature did not come down to normal. A variety of antibiotics, antitubercular and antimalarial cortizones were introduced. Finally she was kept on cortizones which led to a lot of side-effects like swelling and cuts all over the body and loss of appetite.

At this point she was referred to us by a pathologist. We put her on a diet of rice, dal and milk. She was given ayurvedic medicines. After a month and ten days her fever started coming to normal. Her treatment continued for about a year and she was completely cured. Now she is leading a normal and healthy life.

Case Four
A couple aged between thirty and thirty-five years and married for 4-5 years came to our clinic. They had a history of delivering an abnormal child. It had happened about three times. All sorts of investigations, including a chromosomal study, had been carried out. However, no abnormality was detected.

Both husband and wife were treated for about 6 months prior to conception. Both of them were given ayurvedic medicines. When pregnancy was confirmed, only the lady was asked to continue ayurvedic medicines. She was under the check-up of a well-known gynaecologist in Mumbai. From time to time the sonography reports showed the healthy growth of the foetus.

She delivered a full-term, healthy (physically and mentally) male child. The child was thoroughly examined for any possible abnormality with Brain Tomograph.

Case Five
A thirty-two year old lady came to our clinic for secondary infertility.

Earlier she had had a miscarriage. The investigations revealed that there was a lack of proper ovulation. The ovulatory cycle was corrected with various hormonal supplements. Artificial insemination was tried about eight times but this failed to bring about conception. As a last resort she was advised to go in for invitriofertilization. This was performed twice without any success. She was frustrated because of all these failures and it was at this stage that she came to our clinic.

Both husband and wife were examined and given medicine. Ovulation was monitored. Initially it showed small follicles in the ovary. But after the next few cycles, when it was monitored again, ovulation was absolutely normal. After improving her ovulatory cycle only with ayurvedic medicines, she conceived and later delivered by Caesarean section. A normal healthy female child was born.

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